Dear worth client:

Thanks very much for interesting and trust.

Here’s a simple checklist of information required to deliver a quote. Please be certain that you have suggested:

rigid flex pcb stackup

Part number (including revision number) to your layout to facilitate tracking

Your deadline for purchase dispatch, called turnaround (short turnaround raises price )

the amount of boards demanded

rigid flex pcb stackup

Board thickness (.062 inches, .032 inches, .093 inches). .062 inches is normal

Sort of board material (FR4, high-temp FR4, Rogers, Teflon, etc). FR4 is regular


quantity of layers

Surface end (SMOBC, HAL, immersion gold, etc). SMOBC and HAL are regular

The colour for solder mask and part overlay. Green is normal

Copper weight on outer coating (1 oz., two oz., etc). 1 ounce. Is normal

Copper weight on internal layers (.5 oz., 1 ounce.) . Either is normal

The minimal trace and space widths on your layout

Indicate your board dimensions to a mechanical coating

Would you need your planks to stay panelized, or provided individually cut?

Documents Necessary for bare-board manufacture: Gerber files, drill documents, IPC-356A (optional)


Documents Needed for SMT assembly: Gerber files, files, X-Y information, Orders ).

We want you to get your Serving.